Denise Weatherby

cecil2Denise is our Post Master! Yes, she is the one who ensures you all get your magazines! She is also the keeper of the books.

H e r e   i s   D e n i s e’ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Denise is a genuine trooper. Sister of the Editor, Darlene, Denise is the 2nd part of the 3 D’s (Denise, Darlene & Deanna) that take up all the slack when things go awry, magazines get lost in the mail, or the editor just needs to yell and scream. (lol)

As part of our South Florida Headquarters, Denise also lends a helping hand with the publishing aspect of our magazines and hosting local events. She is always willing to be a part of any production, help take photos, feed the kids at events, provide snacks, refreshments and prizes and so much more – and she contributes stories and poems on occasion. We don’t know what we’d do without her.

“I have so enjoyed helping in this process of building a strong network of moms and women. I have also so enjoyed getting to know you all through your many wonderful stories. You are all so special and unique. What a great pleasure it is!”

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