Meet MisterMy given name is Mister Plunket. My new owner, Patricia Lynne, shortened it to Mister and now I post my many poses & photos under The Adventures of Mister.

H e r e   i s   M i s t e r ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

I am a long-hair butterscotch tabby.  My middle name is Mister Affectionate.  I love cuddling, pawing, posing and lap sitting. (He is quite the ham!)

My eighth birthday is Valentine’s Day.  So apropos since I’m all heart.

I love my pack, Patricia Lynne, Jennifer, Julie, David and Heidi. (Family).

My purr-fect solution to every problem?

Take a Nap.

We thank Patricia Lynne for sharing her fine-fellow feline… we adore a spunky cat!!

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