Ruth Lee

20200407_145434Ruth Lee is a  Whimsical Writer/ Mom/Library Lady filling our cups with joy, delight and enchantment! We are so glad she has found a home with us. 

Look for Ruth’s work under “I Was Just Thinking…” that will feature any topic from “teens and technology to whatever was for breakfast that morning.” 

H e r e   i s   R u t h ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Ruth resides in the small town of Hudsonville, Michigan, where she is a quiet, unassuming 50+ year old librarian in the short rest periods between being the crazed mother of a 19 year old, a 15 year old and (the bonus prize) a 9 year old!

Ruth has long practiced the therapeutic art of shoving frustration into little poems and turning it into “funny.” She hopes that someday her children will quote her works to her grandkids (in a nice way). Ruth is also a practicing Luddite! We are honored with her presence.

Ruth also pens “A Poem A Day” on Facebook. You can follow her by clicking this link. She never misses a day!

“I am curious about everything and tend not to stay on any one subject too long…  This is a tendency which also strikes terror into my husband’s heart.”

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