Nature Girl

carole 2Nature Girl is no longer with us but we keep this page in memory of her. Her tremendous love of nature and the outdoors live on forever with us. Her blogs can be found here Nature Notes.

H e r e   i s   N a t u r e   G i r l ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

“As a young girl my love of nature was apparent early on. I was soon given the nickname of Nature Girl. My deep abiding love for all things in the natural world has never wavered.”

After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years ago, and then breast cancer, Nature Girl was on a quest to realign and strengthen her mind, body and soul by reacquainting with self and nature – the very element of life she enjoyed most. She was the mother of four beautiful sons, whom she loved with all her heart and she has left this earth to be an angel watching over all she held sacred – her sons, her family, and nature.

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