Deanna Wolverton

dee2Deanna  “McCrazy” Wolverton is the mother of five (5!) lovely children who have the unbelievable ability to drive her absolutely insane.

Hence, the middle name, “McCrazy” – it’s a gem of a story.

H e r e   i s   D e a n n a ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Deanna splits her time between running a crazy household and a construction business with her beloved husband, Andrew, who undeniably roars like a lion! But, no matter how loud the roar, he is a true love and cares for his family deeply.

Deanna is also the whipping post for ScreaminMamas, which means she takes a fair bait of hollering from the Grand Mama when things go awry at the homefront. She also heads up our Georgia division and is the Emcee and Hostess of the Georgia Peaches!

Can it get any crazier? But of course…

When this poor, harried mom is not being hollered at in some fashion, Deanna’s other list of jobs include: cook (chef a la cuisine!), housekeeper, chauffeur, nurse, counselor, referee, engineer, teacher, psychologist, personal assistant, bodyguard, entrepreneur and whatever else may come up! Even after all the madness, Deanna states she IS a certified MOM and darn proud of it!!

Her household could certainly not manage without her, nor could we. WE LOVE YOU, DEE!!

Deanna’s fruitful life brings us “Teenage Tales of Terror” and “Toddler Tales of Turmoil”. Her posts may also appear under “Dieting Dilemmas” and “A Slice of Life.”

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