Lisa Cummings

cropped-lisa-and-deb1Lisa  Cummings is a guest blogger who shares her beautiful posts with us from her blog, DacsMommy.  She writes about the many joys, trials and tribulations of raising a special needs child.

H e r e   i s   L i s a ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Lisa’s daughter, Debbie, pictured above with Lisa, suffers from a very rare disease, tuberous sclerosis, which Lisa shares about on her blog, DacsMommy.

Lisa first caught our attention with a beautiful poem she submitted for our Mothers Day Issue, 2015. Here is an excerpt…

“What is a Mother?” some people ask.

It is a person given an incredible task.

They often forget their own hopes and dreams,

put everyone else first, or so it seems…

Giving her children her hopes and her dreams.

We were her vision.

She gave us wings.”

– Lisa Cummings

Lisa’s posts enable us to offer a host of resources, thoughts and tips for “Special Needs Parenting” and we thank her for allowing us the opportunity to share them with you.

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