We have contests running throughout the year. Read below for dates and deadlines…
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1)     January 1– March 31: ScreaminMamas Creative Non-Fiction Contest: Looking for stories that revolve around the kids and/or pets. Must be true! Take an incident  or scene that is embedded in your brain and share it with us. Were the kids acting crazy at the mall and you lost your cool? Did you have a revelation helping your teenage daughter through girlfriend drama? Did you feel especially blessed when your son hit that homerun?  Or maybe you have a couple of silly pets that startle you with their antics. Story can be dramatic or humorous, happy or sad. Looking for the real deal. 600 to 1,200 words. Deadline: Midnight of last day

2)     April 1 – June 30:  ScreaminMamas Magical Fiction Contest:   This contest celebrates Moms and the magical spirit of the holidays. If you had an opportunity to be anything you wanted to be, what would you be? Superhero, rockstar, dancer, surgeon, photojournalist, ambassador, interpreter, archaeologist, chemist, artist, etc? Transport yourself! Become that character and write a short story revolving around that character. Can be any genre. 600 – 1,200 words. Deadline: Midnight of last day

3)      July 1 – September 30: ScreaminMamas Valentine’s Day Contest: Looking for light romantic comedy. Can be historical or contemporary – something to lift spirits and celebrate the gift of innocent romance that might be found in the everyday life of a busy Mom.  600 to 1,400 words. Deadline: Midnight of last day

4)    October 1 – December 31 ScreaminMamas Mother’s Day Poetry Contest: What Does it Mean to be a Mom? There is so much to being a mom – get deep, get creative! We challenge you to explore different types of poetry: descriptive, reflective, narrative, lyric, sonnet, ballad, limerick… you can even go epic!   Should be between 10 to 50 lines.  Deadline: Midnight of last day

All winning entries receive Publication. Magazines are published digitally and are free for all. A limited number of print copies will be available for purchase in our online Shopping cart. Spread the word Mamas! Deadline for each contest, Midnight of last day.

Thank you all who entered and Good Luck to those now entering!

Past Winners – 

  • Katie Bennett – The Moment We Waited For – Creative Non-Fiction 2017
    Jen Waldron – Darth Vader is Dead – Cerative Non-Fiction 2017
  • Lisa Cummings – “To Find a Cure” – Magical Fiction 2015, 1st Place – Category, As a Mom
    Debbie Murphy – “I’m a Mum, Not a Nun” – Magical Fiction 2015, 1st Place – 
  • Erica Monttinen – “A New Perspective” – Creative Non-Fiction Contest 2015 – 1st Place Tie
    Anita Stafford – “No Crazy Cat Lady Here” – Creative Non-Fiction Contest 2015 – 1st Place Tie
  • Jeanne Majercak – “Psalm To Anna” – Mother’s Day Poetry Contest 2015 – First Place
  • Elizabeth Adorno – “The Gifts” – Valentines Day Contest 2014 – 1st Place
  • Whitney Roosa – “Mom Confessions” – Creative Non-Fiction 2014 – 1st Place, Tie
    Cassandra Lyon – “Mom’s Day Out” – Creative Non-Fiction 2014 – 1st Place, Tie
  • Debra Nelson – “What It Means to be a Mom” – Mother’s Day Poetry Contest 2013
  • Bianca Ramos – “Reflections” – First Ever ScreaminMamas Contest 2013