Darlene Pistocchi

Darlene “Screamin” Pistocchi is the mother of two – the Ogre and the Finagler – and the founder and creator of ScreaminMama. 

me and raquel2
From the archives, picture of Darlene interviewing one of our first “guest artists” – the lovely Raquel Bosch Brito of Beauty Rush by Raquel. Picture courtesy Matthew Carby of Keeper Photography, 2013.

H e r e   i s   D a r l e n e ‘ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Darlene spends enormous amounts of time ranting, raving, eating and dieting from our South Florida Headquarters. She teaches music, theatre and writing to adults, girlscouts and children of all ages.

At other times she tries desperately to focus on finishing projects, launching her business, paying the bills and feeding the Ogre. Yes, his appetite is insatiable.

You can visit her biz website at harmoniproductions.com (the publisher of our magazine), or her personal website,  darlenepistocchi.blogspot.com, though there might not be a whole lot going on there since she spends most of her time here.

Darlene’s many rants bring us “Teenage Tales of Terror”, “Dieting Dilemmas” and on occasion she whips up a FairyTale or Poem instead of a bowl of pasta.

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