Sandra Lemire

Sandra is our loyal strategist, as well as a wonderful writer and contributor.


Sandra is one of our three moms from Arizona (Janine, Marcella and Sandra) and one of our longest standing members – helping us weather through the many nitpicking storms of setting up websites and developing e-commerce. She has a remarkable past and is a successful businesswoman, entrepeneur and writer.

H e r e   i s   S a n d r a’ s   b r i e f   b i o:

Aside from always being available to help us with the myriad of snags and snafews that 32 120accompany starting up and running an efficient pool, Sandra runs her own manufacturing business.

Her products, Opaline Solutions, were featured in our August/September issue and can be found on Sandra’s BEAUTIFUL new website  Many of us have used these products and have only positive feedback. This website also features a blog full of resources and tips on finding good health, natural remedies and common sense living.

During Sandra’s enterprising journey, she penned the book, E-Girls – Entrepeneurial Women(tm), designed to help young ladies and women navigate through the many channels of starting their own business.

Sandra is truly full of business savvy and writing wit! Visit her personal website here.




You can  find Sandra’s books on Amazon.

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