Social Media Mavens

These ladies choose to stay anonymous but are vital to our success, social media and network building. Here they are (in icon form!)

Lena Luig
Olivia Gianelli
Patty Clark
Sarilla Henson


Lena Luig works endlessly answering emails, coordinating submissions, designing our newsletters, building our database, sending out spotlights and promotions… what more can we say? She is a gem.

Olivia Gianelli is a student from LA who helps build our presence and promote our posts on FaceBook and LinkedIn by liking, commenting and sharing. She also contributes ideas for marketing and promotions and she assists our publisher, Harmoni Productions.

Patty Clark has a HUGE presence for us on FaceBook. She helps promote our posts and blogs by liking, commenting and sharing on her wall. Patty also assists behind the scenes with setting up our online fundraising campaigns and our events.

Sarilla Henson is a graphic artist who assists with the design and layout of our website, blogs and social media platforms. Her online presence is found on LinkedIn, where she helps build our presence by promoting, liking and sharing our posts. Sarilla is also now in charge of coordinating and marketing the CyberCafe, which is hosted by our publisher, Harmoni Productions.

Working incognito from behind the scenes, let’s give these ladies a BIG hand!!

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