gallery Moving Day . . . with side notes . . .

Hello fellow baby boomers! We lived in the best generation yet, I think. I moved this weekend, yes, moved. I used a moving company – no names please. It was not a good experience. No wardrobe boxes, erg, friend moved by hand; life-long friend, by the way. Broken dresser, boxes thrown in storage, and more.I did move in, though, and very happy to be here. It is new construction, very modern, and in the area I wish to live the rest of my days. I had a two-year stay a while this complex was being built. To say the last, I miss nothing.

Getting my Amazon orders has been challenging, also. As I said, this is new construction. No one in the postal service seems to be aware of this place yet. Lol.

I am going to take the next month to recover, as I’m sure you understand.

A week later I’m pretty-well settled.

To all who move:

Good luck and God’s blessings!

~ Courtesy Patricia Lynne ~


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