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Nature Notes

I have discovered that my dreams do come true.   For many years now, an annual whale watching trip that leaves out of Montauk Point, has been on my bucket list. For one reason or another I have been unable to go. This past weekend, I finally made it aboard the ship and we went 30 miles off the coast of Long Island to the Great South Channel.

The GSC is full of bait fish, we saw well over 100 Humpback Whales, Common Dolphins and hundreds of Pelagic birds. We slept on bunks in the belly of the ship, surrounded by strangers who became friends as we shared an amazing 36 hours with them. This trip made me feel more alive then anything I’ve done in a very long time. Seeing incredible beings like whales and Dolphins makes me realize that we are not the only ones on this earth who are intelligent.  A mother/calf pair spent nearly 90 minutes watching us. They spy hopped and went under the ship so we would follow them from the starboard to the port, over and over again, they had us perfectly trained.  It was simply my favorite wildlife encounter ever. They sought us out, and wanted to spend time with humans. They weren’t chased or harassed.

I guess they knew that the ship was full of conservationists and like minded people who really love and cherish wildlife. Maybe they could feel the love and awe from all of us?  We all got selfies with the pair, no words how cool that was.


Life continues to awe and inspire me. Each day precious.  Time to plan another adventure!

Courtesy Nature Girl, See Original Post Here



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