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Poetic Thoughts

The body is like a plant. It needs to be watered much. Fed and loved. Give a plant space to grow.


A plant needs friends to help it bloom and see its purpose. Appreciate a plant and watch it soar toward the sunshine.

A plant loves to feel needed then it smiles and lifts up to heaven reaching the stars. Children’s laughter is the sweetest sound for a plant thrives hearing this.


A plant tastes God’s love in fresh rainwater and warm sunshines rays of light. Kisses of the elderly whose hands feel life gift a plant with  hope.

A plant loves quiet and cats who rest near breathing joy.


A plant enjoys giving enriching all lives with fruit flower scent and shine. Dew kisses plants each morning. The moon every evening.

Plants love watching the stars dance. Yes plants dream. Their roots are strong in family.


Dogs are plants’ muse. Plants speak, we listen. The body is like a plant. It’s soul lives forever.


Courtesy Paula “Poetess” Timpson



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