gallery Learning to Fly Again

God, I love my kids. They are my life! But now they have reached their twenties and it’s time for me to let go. Completely. This is so very hard, especially after being a single parent for so long. Everything I have done has been for them. I have forgotten what it’s like to live for me.

Well, now I need to stop. I have to stop worrying about the choices they make, the decisions they make. I have to stop worrying about feeding them, picking up after them, worrying about them when they get a cold.

There is a great story about the eagles… how they build a comfy nest for their babies and then slowly take away from the nest, forcing the young eagles to leave the nest, grow their own wings and learn how to fly on their own.


Some need an extra push, some don’t.


Mine may need an extra push, but it’s okay. In the process I am learning how to fly again, too.


Courtesy: Darlene ‘Screamin’ Pistocchi


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