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Nature Notes

I went up to the Vernal Pool to check and see if there had been any activity during last night’s rain.  There were a few Wood Frogs in the Pool! No sign of Spotted Salamanders.  I’m grateful to hear Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs again.


As I hiked along I realized that what I was hearing in the distance was a Thunderstorm coming my way!  Nature in it’s rawest form always makes me so excited and happy.  As I listened to the Thunder I had a big grin on my face, and quickened my step.  We were on the field when there was a large clap of thunder and lightning, I found out that I am still able to RUN!  LOL  Monty and I made it to the car a little wetter, and then sat in the car and watched the down pour and lightning.  I’m glad that I got out there today.

Yesterday we went up to Frost Valley to return Jason to work, we were able to watch two Beavers!   So cool to see them interacting.

beaver brigade jq 1

On my birding drives I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful ducks.  Wickham Lake is still full of a couple hundred Common Mergs, and there was also a Hooded Merg one of the days.  I had a half dozen GW Teal two days in a row in the swamp on State School Road.  Also 8 Wood Ducks in the same area,  I think they are the most gorgeous of all bird species.  They take my breath away.  There is still a Snow Goose hanging around with a flock of Canadas.  I’m grateful to live so close to areas that I can bird watch every day.



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