gallery 2 Bald Eagles and a Coyote

Nature Notes

The other day I received a call from a good friend here in Warwick.  He let me know that there was an Eastern Coyote and 2 Bald Eagles less then a mile from home.  Thankfully, I was ready to walk out the door because I had treatment down in the city in a couple of hours.  Well….I was not disappointed!

Photo By: Debbi DeFrancisco 

How lucky can I get?  To live down the road from wildlife that I could only dream about when I was a child growing up in crowded suburbia Long Island, NY.  What an amazing way to start my weekend.

We are in a warming trend for the next week.  I’m working on feeling well so I can get outside every day!  I aim to watch every single second of this Spring unfold.


By: Carol ‘Nature Girl’ Liguanti, See Original Post Here



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