gallery Isolation and the Special Needs Parent

Special Needs Parenting

Imagine having something contagious that makes you go to the Hospital and you are put in ISOLATION. No one wants to go around you for fear that they might “catch” it.


Do you know that there are many of us who have disabled children/adults who experience this sense of separation every single day. We have so much to worry about when our child is medically fragile that we seldom realize who has “left the building.”

When things grind down to some sense of normalcy and we are desperately ready for just a slice of normal pie it’s like everyone has suddenly gone on a diet.

We struggle to have a life outside of our children and it is a struggle for most of us.

How do your describe surgeries, seizures, autism, tumor growths without cuing in some sad melody?

How can we not talk about it? It is our life.

That is why so many of us gravitate towards our tribe. Parents who also have a child/adult with similar condition. These friendships whether casual or deeper come to mean the world to us but why should it be that way?

It is just another form of isolation. Separating normal from abnormal.

We grow from our experiences and I encourage others to enter our world that often times looks like organized chaos.

No one should ever live in isolation unless it’s by choice.


By: Lisa ‘DacsMommy’ Cummings, Read Original Post Here



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