gallery Enjoying Yoga at 62

So Now You’re 62

I wish yoga would have been taught in grade school when I was a child.

Having found this wonderful, relaxing class as a senior in a program at the YMCA, I want to share it with other seniors.

Yoga is about breathing, balance, stretching, and relaxation.

As seniors, falling is of particular concern. My state, Wisconsin, is known to have high incidents of falls. Part of that is the winter climate with snow and ice, but our risk for falls rises as we age.

When I started yoga it was challenging. I was walking with a cane due to back issues and definitely felt awkward.

Today, I love yoga class. I always come out of it feeling better than when I went in and no cane mostly!


I will say the right instructor makes a big difference. I am fortunate to have a retired surgical nurse teaching the class I attend now. If at first you don’t connect, try another instructor.

And all of us seniors with United Health Care insurance should jump for joy because it is a free benefit!

I understand it is now being taught in some schools across the country to help kids cope with life and it’s stressors.

All I can say is Hooray!

By: Patricia ‘Golden Girl’ Lynne


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