gallery Things Happen for a Reason

I met an elderly man yesterday. He was at the cemetery visiting his wife’s grave. I was at my son’s. He had a dog with him and the dog came bounding towards me. I have to admit I am scared of fast approaching dogs that do not know me. I was bitten by a large dog when I was younger and the memory is still painful. As it was, the brown and white pit bull was  gentle  and only threatened to lick me to death. The man ambled over and said hello. dogAs we talked he told me how he had rescued the dog named Corky as a stray right in this very cemetery.

He said Corky was malnourished, flea ridden and was also discovered to have heart worms. He took Corky to a vet who checked him out and Corky needed expensive care to get him back on his feet.

As the man told me this story I thought to myself,

I bet his wife sent him this animal so he would have a companion. Someone to care for in her absence.

I didn’t speak my thoughts aloud but what were the odds he and Corky should cross paths right there at the cemetery?

When you lose someone you love as dearly as a wife or child, you go beyond what is logical in thought. I also feel like our lives are predestined and this made me think of how busy and full my life is as a caregiver to Dac. When my son was killed in a car accident in ’09 at 25, I could not crawl into a ball and die a slow death as would have been the right of any grieving Mother who just buried her child.

Instead, I continued doing what I do every day. I changed Dac’s diapers, gave her a bath, fed her, dressed and groomed her.

Maybe it was God’s plan to give me this role with my special needs daughter to help keep my sanity in the photomania-12810a920e8b5a7be86393b4a5b9c527wake of my son’s tragic death. I like to think so anyway.

She saved me from destruction. She gives me a reason to get up in the morning and she fulfills me.

I bet Corky does the same for his new owner.


Things happen for a reason.

By: The Beautiful Lisa ‘DacsMommy’ Cummings

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