gallery Circling the Airport

So Now You’re 62

My daughter and I drove to the airport to pick up my other daughter.

Jokingly, I said it will probably take me three times to get it right. Getting to the American Airlines pick up, I pulled over, put on my hazards.  Of course, I was early because that’s me, I’m always early.

A buff young man in a yellow jacket knocked on my window.  I politely opened it.  “You can’t wait here,” he said.

Not wanting to wrestle with TSA, I began to circle the airport.  Are you aware of how many lane choices are at the airport?


You are correct.  I took the wrong one.  Ending up on the highway, my daughter directed me back to the airport.
On the right was a restaurant/bar named The Final Approach.  I laughed out loud.  “I hope so.”

We were in stitches laughing.

My daughter said, “Go slow, real slow.  Get behind that long line of SUV’s.”
I complied, inching along.

Reaching American again, I pulled over, put my hazards on.  Julie got out to meet her sister.  I noticed the cars ahead didn’t have their hazards on so I turned mine off, also.

It was magic.  No TSA at my window.


By: Pat ‘Golden Girl’ Lynne


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