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I Was Just Thinking


 On the day the satellites fell from the sky

The cell phones, untethered, collectively died,

And folks who’d been yakking with friends far and wid

Quite suddenly found their tongues technically tied.

cellsUnmoored from their moorings, cut off mid-conversation,

People wandered about in complete consternation

Before finally seeing, with a sense of elation,

That those standing nearby could provide commiseration.

Connections, it seemed, could be made face-to-face,

Not only with people in some other place!

cleeWith this new insight, friendships blossomed a-pace

Until…new satellites were put back in space;

Then the phones started ringing, their lines resurrected,

And all the new friends wandered off, disconnected…

By: The Whimsical Writer/Mom/Library Lady – Ruth Lee

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