Someone once said to me:

“You sure have a burden on you.”

At the time i did not think to correct the person. I simply walked away not knowing what to say but feeling uncomfortable. I know that people feel sorry for disabled or mentally challenged individuals. I have heard so many comments over the years but never a, “You are so lucky!”

Well, i will tell you something… if a burden lies, it is not on my shoulders.

It is not mine to carry. It is ‘Dac’s.’

She is the one burdened by tumors, seizures, heart failure, autism and mental handicap. How does she embrace her life?


With a lion’s heart of courage, with a smile that lights a room, with an innocence that makes everything a discovery and an inner light that warms your very soul.

No, i am not ‘burdened.’

I am ‘Blessed.’

By: Lisa ‘DacsMommy’ Cummings

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