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A Slice of Life

You are never too old, or too “experienced”, as a parent to learn something new.

Yesterday, I learned to never assume that each holiday is observed by every county when it comes to school.

It was Columbus Day and my 4-year old daughter did not have school because of the holiday. I, being the sensible mom that I am, automatically assumed that my other two kids were off too.  Them, being the clever little darlings that they are, stayed home from school and I didn’t think twice about it.

That is until I was standing outside in my driveway talking on the phone around 5pm (the time the kids usually come home from school) and saw the other neighborhood kids walking down the sidewalk.

One side of my brain was wondering, confused-mom“Okay, where are my kids?”

(That’s the crazy side, because in the back of my mind I knew they were upstairs.)

The other side of my brain had just realized…

“Uh –oh…. there was school today???

Oops… my bad.

I mean I just can’t seem to keep up sometimes… and I realize that yes, I, as a parent, make mistakes… breathe in… breathe out… it’s going to be okay…

Needless to say, I have printed out a new copy of the school calendar and will be sure to check both counties every time a holiday rolls around. (That is, if I remember to remember…)

By: Deanna “McCrazy” Wolverton


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