Shall we dance?

Special Needs Parenting…

Tonight a song came on and my daughter started dancing. I mean she was getting down. Arms all akimbo. Bopping up and down. I watched her. Laughing and encouraging her to be the free spirit she is.

I stood up and thought why not?

I started mimicking her movements and what a sight we made. The music changed tempo to a slow dance.

I stood there out of breath and the unthinkable happened. Dac moved over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. It might have been “hug” time in her mind but for those few moments, we were slow dancing.

William-Adolphe_Bouguereau The_Dance_(1856)I thought about her life as we swayed back and forth. Of how there are so many things in life that she missed and the fact that she doesn’t know she missed them but “I do.”

For a few moments i danced with her like i was her first boyfriend and we were at the prom. I could almost smell the corsage on her wrist.

For a few moments i danced with her like i was her Daddy on her wedding day. Cheek to cheek.

I didn’t want to let her go.

For a few moments i danced with her like she was a new mom, holding her new-born, swaying back and forth as she crooned to her baby ever so softly.

She finally pulled away and busied herself doing her Dac thing. I wrapped my arms around my middle and swayed ever so slightly.

I hated for this dance to end…..

 by: Lisa “DacsMommy” Cummings, see original post here...


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