gallery Winning the Mum’s Race…

Thoughts of an English Mum

Sports Day at my son’s school…the final race.

There was silence but for the intake of breaths. The suspense was felt all around. The whistle had finally blown and the crowds erupted…..

Graceful? Maybe not…

Fast? More like faltering…

Effort? Top marks….

The line in sight and the cheers had turned to whispers and open-mouthed stares as quite literally falling and flailing ungraciously across the finish line…

But finishing first?

That went to me…

Yep, I won the Mum’s race.

cheering mom

My child, embarrassed beyond words, is still not talking to me – but I am secretly still hoarding my first place sticker and counting the days until I’m allowed back onto school grounds and no longer considered a menace!!!!!!!

By: Debbie Murphy


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