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A Slice of Life

Get up, get ready, kiss the kiddos and head off to work.

I usually get home at around 6:30 and today was no different. Out of 5 kids, only the 2 little ones greet me when I walk in the door. The other 3 come strolling around usually when they are hungry or need help with homework. So when I got home today and didn’t see my son, I didn’t think anything of it, I just figured he was in the basement as usual.

After a lovely bubble blowing session with my 2 and 4 yr old, I decided to head on upstairs. As I walk into my bedroom the phone rings. It’s my husband (he works out of state).

“Dee, where’s your phone?” He asks me in a fairly high-pitched voice.

I told him that I didn’t have it with me, it was charging in my bathroom.

Well, he proceeds to tell me, “Jonathan (our son.. The one I thought was in the basement) is ready, go pick him up!”

WTH???? OMG!!!! I just realized that he went to a football game at school and it was over at 7:00.

By this time it was well passed 730.

I checked my phone so I could text him back, but of course I didn’t plug the cord in far enough so the darn thing was completely dead. I grabbed my purse and rushed downstairs to drive to the school.

Now a normal person wouldn’t worry, just plug the phone in to the car charger and all would be well. No, not this girl. A fuse is blown in my car so none of my outlets work! (Panic starts to set in).  It only takes me about 5 minutes to get to the school… and thank goodness tonight was “club night ” so my son wasn’t alone.

I drive around for about 5 minutes looking for my son, wondering should I go inside and bum an outlet to charge my phone just enough so I could text him and find out where he was?

Then, of course, I realize I was in such a rush  to get out the door, I forgot my shoes.

As I’m debating whether or not to make that walk of shame trip to the office, I spot my son waving – his hands in the air running over to the car yelling “Mom, Mom!”

Oh, thank goodness.  A feeling of relief rushed over me, so glad I didn’t have to walk in the office barefoot. Lol.  Needless to say my son was not very happy with me, nor was I happy with myself.

His first words were, “Mom I texted you like 18 times, the game was over at 7.”

And he did.. 18 messages, plus 10 phone calls. I don’t think I have ever felt that horrible in my life.

Does it make me a bad mother that I forgot about my son like that??   This situation was mild to say the least but it could have been so much worse.

All I can say is I am glad it all worked out and I will definitely be checking the basement for my boy when I get home from now on.

By: Deanna “McCrazy” Wolverton



  1. I was forgotten at swim practice as a kid, back in the olden days when there was no such thing as a cell phone. My dad got home from work, was promptly yelled at by my worried mother, and had to drive 25 minutes back to pick me up from the pool.
    To this day, we all laugh about it and I’m very close with him. So don’t worry! Your son will be ok and this will just be a story to recount and enjoy for years to come.

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  2. I don’t think it makes you a bad mother at all. As Little Miss said – you’re just a very busy mom! I get so busy in the fall with sports and clubs with just one child that I literally forget school pictures every single year!

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  3. Thank you all for your words of comfort! Wow, do we need to hear that we are not alone or what?? Mic, I am sorry you got left behind! But so happy you are safe and can laugh about it now. We truly do get so busy… running around like crazy from one minute to the next… must always remember… breathe in… breathe out… lol xox

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