Mister Plunket

So Now You’re 62…

Yes I admit it.  I am a “cat lady”.

After my youngest son left the nest for college, I just happened to drive by an animal shelter.  My car seemed to have its own mind as it quickly turned in the driveway.

“I’ll just look around,” I thought.

Well, you guessed it –  I walked out with a pet carrier holding a long-haired butterscotch colored cat.  As I walked by his cage, I saw a half-shaved, sad looking cat.  I asked about him.  They said he was so badly matted when he came in to the shelter they had to shave him, but he could only handle one side at a time.

Mr. PlunkettThey said his name was Mister Plunket.  I shortened it to Mister and adopted him.

He is a precious member of our family and one of the best decisions I made.

When your nest is empty, consider adopting a pet.

by: Patricia “Golden Girl” Lynne


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