Is She Really That Perfect

A Slice of Life

Do you know any moms who are too perfect? The one who always looks amazing with her matching purse and outfit? In a conversation with her, you find out she practices yoga everyday, cooks everything from scratch, and makes her own soap? All of this is done after taking her kids to watch the sunrise? You visit her house and not only is it modern decor, but it’s actually spotless! Somehow, she has time to do all this and take her kids to soccer, dance, and karate…

I know someone like that.
Instead of feeling like I’m a horrible mom, I realize I should feel good about myself. While I may not be as glamorous, I managed to get my kid to brush his teeth and stay dressed today….Wait! I kept my kid alive! That should be saying something, right?
I say, as moms, everyone has their unique systems; and every child has their own unique personalities…some aren’t as easy as others. So, whether you have time to make your food from scratch or have McDonalds cook for you isn’t what matters. Your children will remember only one thing when they are older – and that is how loved and secure they felt.

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